Do you know how to resolve CORS issues in Angular?
Do you know how to resolve CORS issues in Angular?
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Hi all, today I am sharing my experience on CORS issues and how to handle them in a client-side angular app. Before starting this topic I will give you all a brief knowledge about CORS and how CORS is used for managing external resources.

What do you mean by CORS?

CORS stands for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing. It is a mechanism that is used to bypass the same-origin policy so that resources from one origin can access resources from another origin in a secure manner.

How does CORS manage requests from an external domain?

CORS manages request from the external domain by using a set of newly created HTTP headers which are as follows -


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Hi all, let me share my experience on how to enable secure application-level data transport support for a Spring Boot application from scratch in a development environment.

What do we mean by SSL and TLS ?

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer and TLS or Transport Layer Security are cryptographic protocols, and SSL is a now-deprecated ancestor of TLS. Both the protocols are used for creating an encrypted connection between a web server and a web browser.

What do we mean by Self Signed SSL certificate and Certificate Authority (CA) Signed SSL certificate ?

Self Signed SSL certificate is a security certificate that is used for non-production environment in order to test SSL endpoint features as it is easy to create and do not cost money. …

to subscribe and broadcast messages using the observer pattern

A custom event service in Angular
A custom event service in Angular
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Hi everyone, in this post, I will share my experience on how to create a custom event service in Angular using observables which is based on the principle of observer pattern and is similar to the principle of publish/subscribe design pattern.

What is the observer design pattern and how it is similar to the publish/subscribe design pattern?

In observer pattern, an object known as subject maintains a record of its dependents known as observers and informs them implicitly whenever there is a state change. …

Let me share my experience on what is LicenseMain task failure and how did I resolved it. Since you’re reading this post, it’s safe to assume that you already know about Gradle and use of Copyright License Header. Still, I will like to share a brief about Gradle and Copyright License Header.

What is Gradle?

In short, Gradle is an open source build tool which uses a Groovy-based domain-specific language unlike Maven and Ant which uses XML and is mainly used to automate task.In general it helps in building software faster and does increases developers productivity.

What is Copyright License…

Let me share my experience on how to create and build a docker based java application step by step. Since you’re reading this tutorial, it’s safe to assume that you already know about docker, containerization and java. Still, I will like to share a little bit about docker and containerization.

What do we mean by containerization ?

Containerization is a process of deploying and running distributed applications i.e. a group of processes in isolation without using an entire virtual machine for each distributed application and is allowed to run on a single host and access the same OS kernel.In …

Hi everyone in this post I will like to share my experience how I used PrimeNg progress bar module to build a custom element.

What do we mean by custom element?

Custom elements are angular elements that are packaged as a part of angular components also known as web components.A custom element creates a customized tag that extends HTML and is created using JavaScript code.

How to create a custom element using progress bar?

In order to create a custom element with progress bar we need to add the progress bar component to our application and than create a custom component on top of it.

Lets get started with step by step guide on how to create a custom component.

In this example I will create a custom element called “task-status”…

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Polling is a process by which the client continuously request data from the server without any user interaction. It is mainly used to track the long running back-end process status.

How can we use Polling in Angular?

With RxJS we can achieve Polling in Angular.

What is RxJS?How it is used in Angular?

RxJS(Reactive Extensions for JavaScript) is a library for reactive programming using Observable that makes it easier to compose asynchronous or callback-based code.

RxJS library is used in Angular.

Let’s get started with an example. Suppose, we have a requirement to update the status of a food delivery, based on actions taking place for this delivery.

In this case, we can use Polling…

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